It’s Ok to Fail.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey. It is exhausting mentally and physically and the first five years are the hardest. Your business may survive or it may not. If it doesn’t don’t worry you can start again and venture into new things.

Once upon a time I thought passion alone was enough. Do not get me wrong you need to be passionate about what you do but at the same time you need to put logic into it and a lot of hard work.

My first business venture crashed and burned. I thought I had it all figured out but I had a lot to learn. There is a lot of mistakes you can make as a business owner and all you can do is learn from them.


  • Mixing your finances. If you mix your personal and business finances, you may end up using business money for personal things.
  • Under charging. Fear of not getting clients may cause some business owners to under charge.
  • Not following up on customers.
  • Not taking complaints seriously.
  • Mixing business with pleasure.
  • Not creating a relationship with vendors.


Yes you can start over and there is no shame in trying again. You can start a something completely different from what you were doing. In my case I revamped and remodeled the same business. Removing areas that were stressful to me. If you still want to try the same line of business go back to the drawing board. First list out the reasons you failed and be honest with yourself.

You need to cut out access fat if you want things to work. Don’t do the same things you were doing in the first place. Consult an expert or take a partner if you have to or change partners. You can also try rebranding. Yes nothing stops you from renaming your business. New motto, new name, new logo and all it is totally acceptable. Remember you are not your mistakes.

Do not be ashamed or afraid to market your new product. Do not be afraid to move on from the failed business. You can be successful even after hundred failed business ventures just believe in yourself

Working For yourself

As an entrepreneur or a business owner who sets their own rules the first thing people struggle with is discipline. Waking up at 5 or 6 am a day when no one requires you to is not easy. Showing up to work on time without anyone policing you takes dedication and discipline.

When I went into the informal sector I had to set my own working hours. At first I would work throughout the day sometimes I would take calls at night. Then I decided I needed rest. I was going to work from 7~5 and that’s it. I simply told myself I am not a doctor in the ER so there is no emergency that can not wait until tomorrow.

The real challenge was showing up to work on time. Like I said when you are the boss and no one is policing you it’s kind of difficult to show up on time. I told myself the early bird catches the first worm, so I try to be at work by 8 in the morning.
Financial discipline.
No one really ask you about the money you have worked during the day especially if you don’t have a partner. So you will have to discipline yourself financially.

Changing Business Path

When I started my first business I was so happy, I thought I had found the one thing that was missing. I loved it for sometime I don’t want to lie but then problems started to rise. I was passionate about it at first but the passion died. With time repeating the same routine became boring, my core values lost it’s meaning. I was trying to serve the low income households but the rich would take advantage of the cheap prices and then complain. A lot contributed my heart was in the right place but it wasn’t the time or the economy to be passionate about something.

After analyzing this I decided to make a 180° turn around. I ventured into another line of business completely different. Every business has it’s challenges and starting up is not easy especially starting from scratch.
So if you feel like you need a new line of business don’t feel bad about it. Your mental health matters and it comes first. There is no rule that says stick to one business.
You can keep both or you can close one completely.
First of all do your research about the new business you want to venture into.
Learn everything you need to learn about it.
Do let your clients know that you will be opening a new business and you will appreciate if they support you. Alternatively refer them to someone who is in the same business line as the one you are closing.
Try to avoid the mistakes you did on the previous business and remember mistakes are part of learning.
Get neccessary papers and start operating.
Do not over think it , you will do great.

Popular Cyber Scams

Living in the third world country doesn’t stop some people to out smart those living in well developed countries and vice versa. They are five popular scams on the internet.

Know your roots

These scams targets African Americans usually the scammers are from west Africa. If you know something about history you will know about slavery right. I’m not getting into that but the scam is based on that. These scammers claim to be shamans who can trace the victim’s roots. They claim they can help them trace their ancestry and possibly cousins in Africa. Yeah there is a catch “rich cousins to be exact” . If you entertain them long enough you can see that they can even say you are a prince or princess in Africa and your kingdom awaits. Yes it involves sending them lots of your hard earned money.

Love Scam

The Yahoo boys are still at it. If you think love scams are still a thing of the past watch 90 day fiance on TLC. Ok Some have kicked things up a notch they are no longer hiding their identity. They are seeing this thing through, I mean up to marriage. They can get a visa, green card or money out of the scam.

Instant Money

The most ridiculous out of them all but people still fall for it. The most popular scammer on Facebook is mallam or Krishna. Well this scam is called money multiplication or something. The
scammer claims that they can multiply a certain amount into millions.
They require you to send them money so that they can buy the “materials ” for the job. This scam is usually conducted by Nigerians, Ghanaians, Zambians and South Africans.

Join Brotherhood or Cult

Thjs one is similar with the instant money thing. Those seeking quick riches often fall for these. Again they promise that if you join their secret brotherhood or cult you will become a million but first you have to send a joining fee.

Gold Claims

In this scam the scammer approaches the victim saying that they have a gold mine or something Similar but they don’t have money to buy the equipment needed. They promise if they become investors they can get 50% of the profits. Note that they maybe paperwork involved which may look legit. This Scam usually conducted by Zimbabweans and South Africans.

How to Notice a scam

Ask a lot of questions and personal questions if they take too long to answer or lose Patience know that it’s a scam.
Use Google reverse image search chances are you will see the photos or videos were they were originally posted.
Ask for a video call, if that can be on the internet they can surely make a video call there is no device that doesn’t have a camera its 2021. This method may not be foolproof because they are halfway across the world and the chances of you identifying them are zero to none.

Don’t pay for goods you haven’t received. Money doesn’t come by magic every rich person worked or inherited their riches.

Unemployed For life

Hey there I’m 29 and I am unemployed. Yes you heard me right. I don’t think I will be job hunting anytime soon in this country of mine. I was employed for four years and I hated it. I am a human resources manager/ personnel by profession I also have qualifications in General management, marketing and accounting don’t ask I don’t even know how it happened.

I searched for a job that matched my qualifications but I came up empty that’s when I just took what I could get. My first and last job was as a secretary at a certain company. During my time there I began doing marketing and accounting for them for no extra remuneration then I was freelance marketing for another company. The main reason I hated these jobs was because of lack of unprofessionalism in both companies.

The managers were not innovative and they didn’t appreciate any input from junior workers. It took me six months to convince my boss to open a Facebook account and a website. Anything that costed him money he didn’t entertain. The other company the decision was centralized so by the time it gets approved the trend would have faded.

This is when I realized that I don’t work well with in a structured organization. I want to make decisions on the ground and take action as soon as yesterday. If it fails then move on to the next. Even if I get a job as a human resources manager I know in my gut that I will hate it because I will not be able to make a difference because most companies have a centralized management system. So I opened my own business and it feels good not consulting someone and not begging someone to implement new ideas that bring money.

So like the topic said I will be unemployed for life unless something comes in by something I mean a company with decentralized management system. Somewhere I can make a difference. To me it’s not about remuneration at the end of the month, it’s about fulfillment. I want to be able to make a difference to change someone’s life.

The Pyramid scheme tornado has swept the town of chinhoyi.

These past few weeks the word on the street was “downliners “ everyone was running amok looking for downliners. What is a downliner you may ask, in case you have been living in isolation there is a pyramid scheme called the Flower gifting club which is promising $300 USD for every $20 invested and every member is required to recruit at least 2 members “downliners” to get the money.

A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money based on recruiting an ever increasing number of “investors”. The initial promoters recruit investors, who in turn recruit more investors , and so on.
This is how you can spot a pyramid scheme
• It requires money to join.
• They are no actual products being sold
• Requires recruitment of members.
• The original investor can’t be traced.
• There is no legitimate company or organization backing it up.
• The rewards a triple fold with no actual work or effort.

In the long run pyramid schemes fail they always do the main reason is that they rely on the investment of new members. This system collapses because one community have at least a few hundred people. After the numbers have been exhausted and they aren’t new members coming in the cycle comes to an abrupt stop.
Pyramid Schemes also fail because some people can join many times using pseudo names and then abandon the groups after cashing out leaving the people on the bottom of the pyramid to fend for themselves.

One should stay away from these types of investments because there is a huge risk of losing your hard earned money. Besides loosing money pyramid schemes has huge socioeconomic effects. After losing the money one may blame the one who advised or invited him/her to join the pyramid scheme and this may cause fights amongst neighbours and relatives. Marriages can break and people can lose their jobs this can lead to depression or even lead to suicide and there is also a huge chance of facing jail time.

This hard economy pyramid schemes maybe enticing but they are legitimate ways of investing money with fewer risks. If you are in an urgent need for money banks offer salary based loans and SME loans. Banks like Women’s bank and Youth empowerment banks offers loans to entrepreneurs. Financial institutions like old mutual and First mutual also have investment schemes that have lower risk. You can buy stocks or bonds using a registered stock broker. Talk to your bank and see which solutions they have that can help you invest and make more money rather than leaving your hard earned money with unprofessional people who can disappear into thin air at any given moment.

Another way to save money is to open a Mastercard with FBC or a Vjsa Card with BancABC then deposit your United states dollars in there. You can withdraw up to $1000 USD per day and your money is safe from fluctuating rates and thieves.
Remember when something is too good to be true it is protect your money.


It’s 2021 and emails are still as important as ever. I am guilty of not checking my emails often and I told myself this morning that this unprofessional behavior should stop.

Have 2 separate email addresses one for business and one for important personal stuff. Do not let anyone pressurize you into buying a customized domain for your email gmail, Yahoo etc are just fine.

  • Do not subscribe to newsletters or anything with your business email. This is distracting you may skip important mails and your inbox will be just full of nonsense.
  • Check your emails before going to bed that way you can see what you have skipped during the day.
  • Star important emails
  • Write your password down incase you forget.
  • Do not use WhatsApp for quotations , use email. I know WhatsApp is easier but it’s very unprofessional .
  • Turn on notifications so that you do not miss email.

What to pack when traveling in 2021

Hey there it’s been a minute. Since covid 19 things have changed and traveling will not be the same for a long time.
With the vaccine things are looking up and most places are now open for tourists.
So here is a list of things you need to pack when traveling.

Packing List
1) something to read, prepare for long queues at the airports and boarders.
2) 2 extra reusable masks, in case you lose one.
3) Hand sanitizer is a must.
4) Hand lotion we don’t want ashy hands do we.
5) Extra pair of flat comfortable shoes .
6) Ginger and lemon infused water, you need to detox all the time.
7) Asprin
8) Thermometer , you need to keep your body temperature in check.
9) A pair of gloves, they can be stylish no need for them to be plain and boring.
10) A positive attitude.

Make sure you have full information before traveling. Inform yourself about the place’s covid 19 center’s, hospitals and also the pattern.
Most important keep your social distance , wear a mask and practice hygiene.

Inspired by Olinda Chapel Nkomo

photo credit Olinda Chapel Nkomo’s social media pages

Hey guys I hope you have been good. As we go into a new week I would like to motivate you.
A few months ago every Monday/ Tuesday morning I would go to Facebook and listen to Olinda Chapel’s live motivational sessions.
Olinda Chapel is a mother, philanthropist, a business woman, a law student….the list goes on and on.

Photo credit Olinda Chapel Nkomo’s Social media Pages

Every time she would start with a song then talk to her followers/fans. One motivational live stood out for me, it’s like she was talking to me directly she said ” you have no business being in bed at 9 am while you are broke”

This statement was so true and very true. She a woman with a healthy bank account, a beautiful home and luxurious cars and can sleep in anytime she wants to but she wakes up daily and go to work. How about me?

Well in my defense I was used to working on my cellphone in bed. I made a pretty penny in bed. OMG that sounds bad. My business model at the time meant all I had to do was market and answer calls. I could do all those things in bed in my pajamas. I could answer calls, receive money and pay vendors in bed.
At first I thought I was lucky then I found there was a flow in my system.

Doing business from home meant not checking out the authenticity of my vendors, I would only rely on information they have told me but it would be a different story when clients received the goods or check out the premises.
Doing business from my comfort zone meant less networking. At one time I was someone’s biggest client and we had never met and it was not easy to negotiate a discount.

Olinda changed that for me. She motivated me. She taught me that sometimes i needed to get up in the morning and go to my place of work and conquer the world.
They are also walk in customers, you will not get those if you are working from home in your bed.

Have a nice week people.

Does your appearance affect your sales?

Let’s be honest we all want to buy or do business with a clean looking person. I would like to think that we are all clean and we bath well. However we have different personalities that is why we dress and look different from one another. These personalities make us unique. The million dollar question is that is the way we look or dress cost us clients or bring us clients ?

Would you go to your place of business with unkempt hair and a torn shirt? The answer maybe probably no. There is a saying that says ” don’t judge a book by its cover” however we are humans it’s in our nature to judge sometimes we judge without realizing that we are doing that.

There is a reason why airlines, banks and chefs wear uniforms. The first reason maybe be for identity but the main reason is for uniformity. How many times have you visited the same bank without telling the tellers apart? Uniforms are a safe choice from judgement. No one will think your skirt is too short, blouse too tight or your suit is too shiny.

Yes your appearance may cost you sales.

For women dressing “sexy” may help you sell more goods to men but married women may avoid you like a plague and advise their husbands to do the same (if they listen ). Other religious groups also may not want to associate with your business. I’m not saying buy a uniform or something. Try to be decent and dress in a way that makes everyone comfortable. You are selling goods not yourself so try to make your work stand out instead of outshining it.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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